Should we hire a Wedding Planner?

You know which is the most popular comment any Wedding Planner hears post big day (if everything went well, of course!): “we couldn’t have done it without you!!”

I always wonder if “do-your-own couples” say instead “we should have hired a Wedding Planner!”

Weddings are expensive, everyone knows that; at times Wedding Planners are seen as an unnecessary extra expense that could definitely be avoided.

“We can do it!”…. and so the search begins…..”

You could plan your wedding on your own, of course, but Wedding Planners can definitely make your life so much easier during the planning process and on the big day, especially if you are getting married abroad, in a country that doesn’t speak your language.

Searching for the right suppliers take time, patience and effort: the right location, the right venue, the accommodation, the right catering company, the entertainment.

Then add the florist, the paperwork, the décor, the back and forth with all the above, the changes, the endless emails, the last minute changes, more emails……

These are tasks that can be taken care of by your planner whilst you are focusing on the search for your dress, the make up artist, the hairdresser, your theming or a photographer.

Communication with suppliers whose first language is not English can also be tricky at times… not to mention that experts in the field have more useful connections, know the right people, are aware of deals and key dates and, in general, have the expertise needed.

Lastly, on the day, you want to be focusing on you and your guests and not on the “behind the scenes stuff”.

And that’s what Wedding Planners do!

If you can’t stretch your budget to include one, a good alternative is the “day-of-coordinator”: a mini version of a wedding planner, basically.

You do all the planning and 4 to 6 weeks prior to the big day you get a coordinator on board who will glue the pieces together and make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

The cost is lower, of course, as the hard work is done by you at the start of the planning phase.

Either way, you will have a person to trust and you will feel you are in good hands along the whole journey.

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